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We believe in the power of simplicity and elegance. Our designs are characterized by efficient functionality, flexibility, clean aesthetics, and well-commented code, providing our customers with a professional and polished look for their websites.

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One of the best template I've ever had. I love it! It's fully customizable, well coded, fast and responsive - fitting for all kind of devices.
I just got a glimpse of knowledge about html, and documentation, and documentation in code make it all easy for me. With technical struggle i get a very fast response from support team. Detailed, and solved my problem. All in all great stuff! great buy!
I've been coding Websites for 25 years, always staying on the crest of the wave. This is the slickest Template I've ever worked with! The additional notes throughout the html are very helpful. Bravo Themetorium!
I'm really new, I just have some basic knowledge. If you are logical, you will be able to easily create your site. The code is very well explained and tagged.
First template I had no issue with contact form. It very easy to adjust necessary information to have your php file working properly.
Brilliant template. Tons of options, many concepts, design flexibility, code quality, explanatory comments in each section for easy and quick styling.
Themetorium has packed this template with more clear and well commented code than any other template I have purchased on themeforest. Themetorium also responded to a question I had within the day. Can't recommend highly enough. Thank you very much!
I founded a bug on Iphone and Ipad and the author fixed very quickly. I appreciated his efforts and his quickness in solving the problem.
Incredibly handy documentation quality... Thanks for taking the time to comment most clases... Great work.
A very well commented theme, highly customizable I'd say and pretty darn beautiful!